Sex, Lies, & Videotape; Part 1

1 Corinthians 7:5-7:5 Sex ,Lies and Videotape. Part 1. Looking at the state of the world and the Biblical response. Intended for mature audience.

1. Sex. The Bible tells us about the union between a man and a woman. How it was created by God to populate the world. The Bible states that a man shall leave his Mother and Father and cleave to his wife. Noticing the phrasing in scripture on this subject, we see that the status of marriage and sex between man and woman, is proper in the eyes of God. Sex in marriage is honorable and righteous and the scripture states that the bed is un-defiled. A husband and wife are required by God to have a sexual relationship for this cause.

1st Cor. 7:5, "Defraud ye not one the other,except it be with consent for a time,that ye may give yourselves-to fasting and prayer, and come together again, that Satan tempt ye not for your incontinency." This is to be observed unless the woman is in an unclean state. But that whores and whore mongers will be judged.

Rightiouness is based on Gods word and not on the law of man. The physical makeup of man and woman was designed by God to reproduce mankind not for the pleasure of man himself. Man has tried to ruin the concept of sex using unnatural means to gain pleasure in his members. Man with man, woman with woman, and in some cases human with animal. The Bible speaks of sex in many ways, righteous and unrighteous. Adultery, Fornication, Incest, Rape, sodomy, Homo-sexuality, and Heterosexual. The scriptures state, that the wages of sin is death, and that's true.

Male prostitutes were noted in scripture and every type of sexual sin resulted in destruction. Sodom, Gomorah, even in the temple of Jerusalem. 1Kings cpts 4-24, 2nd kings cpts 23-27, Det cpts 17,18,23. judges 19-22. If you notice in scripture God, not once ever stated that homo-sexuality, sex between man and man or woman with woman, was ever called good or acceptable. Can you ever imagine a world made up of same sex individuals? I can't, the concept or practice of such unions would eliminate mankind in one generation.

We read of King David and his price for adultery, we read of Rape and incest, we read of Lot and his two daughters, even thou these were Heterosexual acts, they were also condemned by God. Sex or should I say a sexual union between man and woman, husband and wife, has been under attack, by the liberal side of society. Even cases of animal husbandry has been reported as far back as the 1500s. The Bible states that this type of behavior is damn-able.

Same sex unions of any kind in scripture was condemned and the participants were put to death. Desiese is spread by unnatural unions and it seems that the world has forgotten the out break of A.I.D.S. in the United States and the death toll of those in Africa, which continues to mount. Not only does this type of union cause death in the body, it causes death in the soul of mankind. It a type of cancer that we can see and prevent, but states and even the national Government are trying to leagleise the sinful nature of man as he walks down the road to Hell. The Bible states that if a man does not take care, especially those of his own house hold, he has denighed the faith and is worse than an infidel. So what does this have to do with sex? The union of husband and wife, generally produces children and is a by product of sexual intercourse.

When sex becomes more important that the children produced, it becomes sin, in the eyes of God. How can we say this, imagine the welfare state in the United States today. Imagine a married couple having 5 or 6 children and not being able to even feed themselves, none the less, the children that they keep producing. Africa and China are a good example. Thousand upon thousand of children are born each year and thousands die each day of starvation and desiese. This is against the law of God. Someone will answer to God for the innocent blood that is being shed each and every day, because of un-thoughtful sexual activity. Sex and marriage are ordained by God, if it coincides with the will of God.

1st Tim 5:8 "And if any provide not for his own, especially those of his own household, he has denighed the faith and is worse than an infidel." This proves in scripture that we who have a sexual relationship with their spouse and produce children are held accountable by God to provide for them. This series of sermons are designed to get the church to acknowledge the word of God as the Ultimate source of Law in our members. No other law will ever overturn the law of Scripture.

The Bible tells us to obey the law but it doesn't state that we must follow it, if it contradicts the word of God. Part 2 will be concerning, Lies and part 3 will touch on videotape in the lives of christian and non-christian people, and the results. By no means does this sermon cover all aspects of sex in christian lives but its a point where discussions always arise. And isn't that the best way for christians to learn, asking questions.

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